What are Wireless fire Alarm Systems?

There is no price for guessing that wireless fire alarms do not require any wired connections. A traditional hard-wired alarm system (conventional or addressable) requires physical wires to be laid out on the entire premises. This involves drilling, cutting through walls and a substantial amount of hard labour in order to install a wired fire alarm system. even after all this hazzle, hard labour and days of masonry work the installed system operates in the same way as a wireless fire alarm system.
A wired system was once the most suitable system but with new advancement in technology, safety standards and product features there is no doubt that wireless addressable systems like the NFire Wireless Addressable fire alarm systems offer the best, cost effective and time saving fire safety solution.
A wireless alarm system, operates via radio waves. Each alarm is interconnected with your entire fire protection system, and connection can be made all throughout your entire facility—this includes between buildings—without any hard wiring at all. A radio signal is sent to the control panel by the sensor (smoke, manual call point, gas detector etc any sensor programmed to work with the panel) via a secured encrypted channel.

History of wireless fire alarms

Although wireless fire alarm systems first appeared in the 1980s it wasn’t until the 21st century that wireless fire alarms became popular. Some early technology and its limitations at that time made wireless fire alarms not so popular however with new advancements in technology and extensive research by governing bodies and various companies like Atigo Electronics, wireless fire alarms are gaining wide spread popularity and are now becoming the preferred choice of fire alarm systems.

Today most systems like NFire’s wireless addressable fire alarm systems are fully compliant to British Standards (BS5839), European Standards for fire alarms (EN54) and NFPA 10th Edition Specifications.

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What are Wireless Addressable Fire Alarms?

Addressable or “intelligent” systems represent the current state-of-the-art in fire detection and alarm technology. Unlike conventional alarm methods, these systems monitor and control the capabilities of each alarm initiating and signaling device through microprocessors and system software. In effect, each intelligent fire alarm system is a small computer overseeing and operating a series of input and output devices.

Like a conventional system, the address system consists of one or more circuits that radiate throughout the space or building. Also, like standard systems, one or more alarm initiating devices may be located along these circuits. The major difference between system types involves the way in which each device is monitored. In an addressable system, each initiating device (automatic detector, manual station, sprinkler waterflow switch, etc.) is given a specific identification or “address”. This address is correspondingly programmed into the control panel’s memory with information such as the type of device, its location, and specific response details such as which alarm devices are to be activated.

The control panel’s microprocessor sends a constant interrogation signal over each circuit, in which each initiating device is contacted to inquire its status (normal or emergency). This active monitoring process occurs in rapid succession, providing system updates every 5 to 10 seconds.

The addressable system also monitors the condition of each circuit, identifying any faults which may occur. One of the advancements offered by these systems is their ability to specifically identify where a fault has developed. Therefore, instead of merely showing a fault along a wire, they will indicate the location of the problem. This permits faster diagnosis of the trouble, and allows a quicker repair and return to normal.

Advantages provided by addressable alarm systems include stability, enhanced maintenance, and ease of modification. Stability is achieved by the system software. If a detector recognizes a condition which could be indicative of a fire, the control panel will first attempt a quick reset. For most spurious situations such as insects, dust, or breezes, the incident will often remedy itself during this reset procedure, thereby reducing the probability of false alarm. If a genuine smoke or fire condition exists, the detector will reenter the alarm mode immediately after the reset attempt. The control panel will now regard this as a fire condition, and will enter its alarm mode.

With respect to maintenance, these systems offer several key advantages over conventional ones. First of all, they are able to monitor the status of each detector. As a detector becomes dirty, the microprocessor recognizes a decreased capability, and provides a maintenance alert. This feature, known as Listed Integral Sensitivity Testing, allows facilities personnel to service only those detectors that need attention, rather than requiring a labor and time consuming cleaning of all units.

Modifying these systems, such as to add or delete a detector, involves connecting or removing the respective device from the addressable circuit, and changing the appropriate memory section. This memory change is accomplished either at the panel or on a personal computer, with the information downloaded into the panel’s microprocessor.

Wireless Addressable Fire alarm manufacturers in India

Wireless fire alarms are gaining a lot of popularity in India as more than 90% of existing buildings do not have fire detection systems. There are currently not many manufacturers of wireless fire alarms in India and most either supply  hybrid systems which are actually wired systems but have been converted to wireless using some device or the other. However such systems do require some amount of drilling and masonry work in order to install the system. such systems are considered to be cheap in their product cost however installation of such systems will exceed the cost of material and also cause disruption to business operations. 

NFire is India’s 1st and most advanced wireless addressable fire alarm system in the Indian market today. NFire is fully designed developed and manufactured in India keeping the Indian customer needs in mind.

Atigo Electronics, the company which manufactures NFire only specialises in Wireless safety solutions and is one if the leading electronics manufacture in India. With a vast experience in the field of Electronic security solutions across the world and a commanding understanding of modern fire detection systems NFire is your leading provider of complete fire alarm services. Our teams are highly adept at assessing the unique needs of your business and providing optimal wireless alarm placement and installation of NFire fire alarm systems.

Also, our expertise and training enables us to provide a full array of support services, including NFire wireless fire alarm inspection and testing, and more.

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The benefits of wireless fire alarm systems

Wireless fire alarm systems circumvent many of the complications that older fire alarm systems create. They also offer a substantial number of additional benefits, including:

Much simpler maintenance and repair

Without a large network of wiring and components to contend with, only the alarm systems themselves need servicing

Faster alarm response times

Radio wave communication is nearly instantaneous, ensuring an immediate response if a fire or the presence of smoke is detected

Easy, more cost-efficient installation

Save on the cost of trenching, drilling, and the large amount of hardware needed for other fire alarm types

Smart device connectivity

Top-end wireless fire alarms incorporate smartphone, PC, and mobile device compatibility

Advantages of a Wireless Fire Alarm System

As far as fire alarm installers go, a wireless system is ideal because they are much easier to install. A wireless system essentially involves mounting the devices to the appropriate locations around a building or room, setting up the actual system and syncing it to WiFi. Compare this to a wired system, which requires fire alarm installers to connect the system to power supplies and ensure cables are connected properly.

Another great advantage of a wireless fire alarm system is it operates off of a battery. This frees up a wall outlet and you can feel safe knowing the system will still work in the event of a power outage. And adding a second or subsequent wireless device is easy if you add on to your home or office.

A traditional hard-wired alarm system requires direct, physical connection to its wire network in order to operate correctly. This necessitates trenching, drilling, and a substantial amount of effort in order to pull off. A wireless alarm system, however, operates via radio waves. Each alarm is interconnected with your entire fire protection system, and connection can be made all throughout your entire facility—this includes between buildings—without any hard wiring at all.

The objective of any fire alarm system is to notify building occupants immediately in the event of a fire. This split-second response can mean the difference between safety and injury, so ensuring that your alarm systems are as efficient and effective as possible should be a top priority. At NFire we take this need seriously, and we are proud to offer wireless fire alarms and wireless smoke detection systems for our commercial clients.

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