Upgrade to wireless solution

Why upgrade?

Expansion or refurbishment of the existing infrastructure provides opportunities to improve the infrastructure.

While there is a challenge to maximize the existing infrastructure, at the same time, one of the important considerations is choosing the upgradation of the fire alarm system especially when you have a conventional fire alarm system installed at your premises

For a better compliant future proof solution, it is important to upgrade the existing premises with modern technology. To achieve globally accepted standards and abide by the National Building Code – Fire and Life safety, while upgrading or expanding the property, the fire alarm system should be upgraded to a higher scalable solution with addressable zones for more reliability.


Truly distributed architecture for higher reliability
Stable power supply with integrated PDU

Self-healing system keeps the system actively functional

A highly scalable system for any premise

The NFire Hybrid Solution has a higher fault tolerance

Low Carbon footprint – greener system, eco-friendly in nature

Multiple addressable zones with fast response on detection

Intelligent and advanced solution with modern technology

Easily expandable and configurable system for wide range of applications

NFire panel has inbuilt robust and secure communication system

Emergency Monitoring Service by highly trained monitoring officers

NFire Connect App for easy operability from anywhere, anytime

The solution can be implemented in any organisation irrespective of its size. The pin point detection contributes to fast detection and early evacuation.