Hybrid Smoke and Temperature Detector

NFire wireless addressable hybrid smoke and temperature detector detects the slightest whisk of smoke and minor changes in temperature. The detector serves as a warning to prevent the event of fire within seconds.



Early detection alerts by NFire Hybrid Smoke and Temperature detector can save valuable lives and property in an emergency situation. The detector is highly stable and robust with advanced features. The detector reacts very quickly to visible smoke released by smoldering fire or flaming fire.
Hybrid detector

Detects slightest whisk of smoke and temperature rise from the threshold level

Fast Detection

Quick detection with pinpoint location assures better decision making and fast control measures

Test Button

Test button can help you conduct a regular inspection periodically for smoother performance

Highly cost efficient

Achieve higher returns of investment compared to any conventional systems

Stable performance

The sensor is highly reliable with assured accuracy and stability resulting in a stable performance

Live monitoring service

The live emergency monitoring service helps the user to respond fast in real time