Wireless Temperature Sensors

The smart addressable hybrid smoke and temperature detector by NFire is highly stable, robust and built as per UL specifications. This wireless sensor can pinpoint the exact location of fire within seconds, and due to its hybrid nature, it can even detect very high temperatures which may result in a fire. Early detection and alerts can save valuable life and property in an emergency situation. Installing NFire hybrid Smoke and temperature detector is easy and simple, due to its wireless nature installation can be carried out within minutes. NFire smoke detector is ideal for new and existing building as there will be no damage to interiors, no lengthy wiring or masonry work



NFire Solution accelerates the pace of technology and ensures life and property safety. It is concentrated on delivering an intelligent solution perfectly suitable for you. The solution is superfast and long ranged
Ideal for large establishments

The panel supports 1000 wireless addressable zones

Long Battery life

The panel has expandable battery backup up to 72 hours

Wider Connectivity range

Supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GSM with a wider radio frequency range.

CE certified, compliant to UL and govt standards

World class standards compliant products suitable

NFire Connect App

The app makes it easy for the end user to operate the system smoothly at anytime from anywhere

Live monitoring service

The live emergency monitoring service helps the user to respond fast in real time