Made in India

Located in Ahmedabad, India is our technological innovations centre where Nfire has been developed.

Our research started in 2013 and since then we have invested in conducting new research and in developing next generation fire alarm panels.

We have been at the forefront in wireless technology, Cloud Technology and AI research. Our innovation was driven by the thought that in this day and age where advanced technology is used in simple ways even in everyday life then how could it be leveraged to make a lifesaving critical system more advanced, robust and simple to use. That’s when the idea of NFire started getting shape.
Our objective was simple and straight how could we use advanced technological innovations to create a simple, effective and advanced fire alarm system. Built on multiple advanced technologies, Nfire is a fully wireless addressable fire detection and protection system.

Nfire is a revolutionary product in fire alarm systems, which Conforms to US NFPA-72, 10th edition specification followed by UL 864 standards for wireless alarm system.


RoHs, CE and ISO