Fire safety solution in an educational premises

Once students are on institution property, their safety and well-being become the responsibility of the institution personnel and administrators, and having the right equipment and safety measures can prove lifesaving when a fire emergency occurs. An institution must always understand the Importance of Fire Prevention and be a fire-safe place for students and staff. Good management of fire safety in premises is essential to ensure that any fire safety matters that arise are always effectively addressed. An organization’s fire safety policy should be flexible enough to allow modification. It should be recognized that fire safety operates at all levels within an organization and therefore those responsible for fire safety should be able to develop, where necessary, a local action plan for their premises

Places in educational premises that are more prone to fire risks

Classrooms with wooden/plastic furniture

Labs with large quantities of flammable liquid

Cafeteria usually have large containers of LPG

Ideal solution for existing educational premises


for Already Constructed Buildings

Cost Savings

Have one NFire system and handle all inspections and maintenance

Ease of use

Operating NFire system is more convenient and easier

24/7 Live Monitoring Service

Trained monitoring officers monitor 24/7 and in case of an alarm triggered, notify via SMS & LIVE CALL

No Wiring

No Civil or masonry work required

No Damage to Interiors

There is no damage to the interiors as it is hassle-free to install

Key features

Who we secure

“ Your safety is our purpose ’’

At NFire, we resolve the problem of fire hazards, with the right selection of equipment. We hope to continue securing them

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