Choose Life with NFire

People generally tend to underestimate the importance of fire safety. Many of them assume that they can smell the smoke in cases of emergency.

 Unfortunately, our sense of smell is inactive while we sleep and also the time to vacate the place safely is very limited in such scenarios. Having a fire detection system can significantly save lives and reduce damages.

Apart of Life safety, property loss can be reduced, downtime for the operation can be minimized through early detection and emergency response can start while the fire is small. Fire detection systems provides the monitoring station a warning and alerts the occupants. Even to operate the suppression system, detection systems are essential to initiate the operation as quicky as possible
Choose Life With NFire

The requirements for future-proof fire alarm systems are becoming increasingly complex. From customized configuration development, to flexible extensions with new functionalities and components are all critical requirements today. The best suited fire alarm system in your facility should be decided upon your fire safety objectives. These objectives are analyzed with risk assessment and the analysis of the operations performed in the premises. Every establishment has a unique set of functionalities and the risks associated with them varies. Detection devices that provide the most rapid indication of fire suitable for every exclusive premise should be considered

User-friendliness with low maintenance and installation costs are aimed by NFire. Thus, it has earned a reputation as the true trend-setter in the fire alarm systems. NFire protects your assets and people from unscrupulous elements. Feature-enriched NFire customised solutions are designed to meet the particular needs of your site and end users, now and in future.

More about NFire

NFire Solution by ATIGO is India’s 1st wireless addressable system. NFire is a state-of-the-art product that adheres to international standards ensuring highest safety for its users. NFire also offers 24×7 live emergency monitoring service. Notifications are sent via live call and SMS by a team of highly trained monitoring officers. With superfast long-range wireless transmission, hardware level encryption, cloud integration, advance integration with IoT, Cloud computing, Mobile technology and communication technology along with easily upgradable future proof technology system. NFire Solution is highly compatible with various environments as it is flexible for both residential and commercial premises. It conforms to US-NPFA-10th Edition Specifications and is certified with CE, ROHS and ISO 9001-2005.