Remotely addressable locations

An addressable fire detection system is a system that serves the pin-point location of ignition via unique address of detection.

For fast detection purpose, the system is interconnected to a central control monitoring location. This interconnectivity allows the control personnel to identify the exact location of the detection. This information to direct the emergency response team to the pinpoint location is responsible for contributing to faster fire control action. Some of the major advantages of addressable systems are

Accurate information of the initiation of the problem before it turns into an uncontrollable disaster

A well-planned evacuation can be achieved by programming delay evacuations or phased evacuations for areas that are not immediately threatened

Reduces occurrence of false alarms

The entire system can be monitored routinely including the remote areas

Quick recognition

Direct identification of the outbreak is extremely beneficial. Evacuation in certain areas can be initiated immediately while in areas where the threat is likely to follow in a short duration can be evacuated next to avoid crowding. The systems can be programmed to generate a “cause and effect” response